You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning


Carpeting is a good flooring option for your home. Most people appreciate the added warmth and comfort carpet provides. It is softer on bare feet than hard surface flooring. The extra padding is ideal for children who tend to spend a lot of time on the floor. It also provides additional insulation and an element of sound proofing. Added to all of these benefits, it can clean the air. Studies have shown that carpet can help remove impurities from the air by trapping them in the carpet fibers until it can be cleaned and removed. Professional carpet cleaning is your best option for effective removal of contaminants.


Because it acts as a filter, carpet can become very soiled. Due to both indoor air pollution and foot traffic, it can get extremely dirty over time. Research has shown that carpet can act as a host to a number of different germs and organisms. Get the facts so you can kill carpet germs in your home. Know about Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry here!


Germ Factory


Scientific research has shown that residential carpet can contain around 200,000 bacteria per square inch. The bacteria and germs in your carpet can include thousands of different types including heavy hitters like E. coli and salmonella. Not to mention the tens of thousands of dust mites that are feeding off of the accumulated matter. Part of the problem is that regular carpet maintenance tools are unable to reach down to the bottom of the carpet fibers. The suction is not powerful enough to remove the soil and germs that are harbored deep in the pile. That means that whenever the carpet is disturbed through regular usage like walking, the germs and soil are moved closer to the surface. That is why you need professional carpet cleaning. For more details about carpet cleaning, visit


An Invisible Problem


It is easy to tell when some carpets are soiled. However, many homeowners mistakenly believe their carpet is clean just because it looks clean. Even clean-looking carpets can have the same amount of bacteria and germs under the surface. It is important to stick to a regular carpet maintenance schedule.


Professional carpet cleaning technicians at this website  can remove bacteria and soil with advanced cleaning technologies. Steam cleaning can kill germs with high temperatures and then remove the soil through extraction methods. They can also apply a protector that will slow down the soiling process. The carpet protector acts as a repellant and can make it easier to vacuum the surface soil from the fibers. Contact a professional carpet cleaning company for a healthier home.